CICON’s Engineering, 
Detailers and Draughtsmen team

Driven by the demand and high expectations of key clients for world class technical and engineering services ancillary to our steel fabrication, CICON established an engineering department consisting of highly qualified, professional engineers, detailers and draughtsmen. As our client relationships have indicated, a strong emphasis on quality is key to the success of their projects, and we have responded by implementing a team with a thorough understanding of construction, and the products we deliver.


Our Service

As an optional service, our engineering team provides accurate Autocad/shop drawings, based on IFC drawings received, used to brief our fabrication team. Clearly marked products are then manufactured by CICON and distributed to site. Our engineers are often on-site supporting the client with their installation based on the engineered drawings. Having this service in-house allows us to eliminate unnecessary manpower, reduce wastage, improve accuracy, and lower construction timelines and costs for our clients. There are currently 150 people in the engineering team, based in UAE and India.

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